Tuesday, March 4, 2014

ToQger Episode 2

Staying on track (these train puns write themselves) let's continue on to the second episode of ToQger. I'll admit up front this one didn't do as much for me as the first did. Still, there's a few important bits to cover and I'd like to see how long I can keep this up. Perhaps it'll serve as a resume for some tv website somewhere down the line (See! There's another one!).
Anyhow; this one picks up immediately after the premiere with our band of heroes discussing that they may in fact be dead. At least the monkey puppet claimed that might as well be dead. The facts are all five team members knew each other as kids, but that's about the extent of their memories. Playing as kids and then being in their late-teens/early-twenties. This serves as the major story point for this ep and doesn't really get resolved. However; it's presented to us that the villains like to ride into towns and corrupt them in various ways. The theory is is that our heroes may have come from such a town and the evil shadow influence would explain their collective memory loss.
The B-plot this week served to flesh out the green ranger, Hikaru a little more as the serious/logical one. Basically he thinks that Right, the red ranger needs to get his head out of the clouds. The conflict is resolved pretty easily but I feel safe from experience in saying that this theme will return any time the show decides to get more serious.

Thankfully we get to see a full scale evil plot in motion this week as the bad guys turn a small town into duel city, in which they force the populace to fight each-other at various time of the day. Apparently this is supposed to wick up negative emotions thous spreading shadows over the world. That's the whole plan for them really. Make trouble-bad karma-profit, or in this case replace profit with summon your evil emperor into existence.
As you can probably tell, this wasn't an all out feast of madness like the premiere as it had to lay out some necessary plot details. Luckily we still got a pretty wild fight scene between Right and the monster of the week atop flying trains. The effects for the scene weren't all that spiffy but simply having the balls to carry through with this idea nabs the show some points.
Next time the show should be moving on to a proper character focused tale about the pink ranger. Before we get there, I might make a stop (there I go again) at another topic. Just realized that this will mark my 25th post. Excuse me while I get myself some celebratory redpop.

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