Saturday, March 29, 2014

ToQger Episode 6

Now that's more like it. After the wasted effort of last weeks episode, this one was spring time fresh. Nice overall balance of both character and story progression with a nice tone to the whole thing. Let's not jump ahead too fast though. Good sentai should be savored like candy.
Picking up immediately where the last one left off; Right was recalling that he'd run across another support car for their train out in the woods. Little does he know that the villains are listening in and plotting to take the train car for themselves. This is the driving force (didn't intend that pun) behind the episode as it sets up an ongoing race between the good and bad guys. I wouldn't be surprised to see evil trains that the team has to purify later in the series. For now though it means a group expedition into the woods.
During the trek the subject of who gets to be leader is brought up. Right doesn't really give a crap who leads, putting Tokatti in charge, which he doesn't do a good job at. In the end it's decided that the leader will just depend on the situation. Maybe one week it should be the smart guy, another time it can be the responsible one. Seeing as this show is primarily aimed at kids I love this message, Not only does it showcase the importance of each members abilities. It also solves something I hated as a kid when I would watch Power Rangers. Why was it always the puffy jocks who got to lead the team? Never the smarter or even more clever squad mates. Sadly I can't see this idea carrying over if this show gets adapted into PR as they will most likely follow the commands of some very dimwitted cracker.
Hopping off the soap box now. So as the team searches the forest they encounter General Schwarz and face him head on in battle. He beats their collective ass like they owe him money and takes Tokatti hostage, forcing Right to lead him to the support car. From this point the episode follows the split team of Red & Blue in one area, While Hikari gets to run around with the girls.
It does seem odd to have another captivity storyline already but it stems from the basic fact that these kids aren't very good fighters. In fact there's a pretty fun bit where Right and Tokatti try to do a bunch of flips off each other without landing a single one. Speaking of fighting; the new train is a fuel tanker that roids out their other trains with extra strength. When attached in battle, it makes their giant robot into a hyperactive boxer (Wasn't really joking when I mentioned roids).
Sadly I'm lacking for extra details as I took too long to get around to this recap. Working off of last weeks power rankings...I'd say this one takes 3rd place. Time to get back to looking for work. Anyone think I should do temp work picking onions? Sound off.

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