Tuesday, March 18, 2014

ToQger Episode 4

Many spots around the interwebs claim that the fourth episode is a good point to take measure of a shows overall potential. If we were to take stock in that theory than I would dare to proclaim this as a fine series. In fact, I've taken to looking forward to each new installment more than most of the other shows I watch. Really it all comes down the this being such an upbeat piece of entertainment. Don't get me wrong now, the majority of my viewing revolves around depressing subject matter. Hell! At one point my favorite show was nip/tuck. Something this positive and goofy is just makes for such a nice change of pace, even moreso than some straight out cartoons. As a four episode test goes, I say this is a show to keep up with. Now that the ass kissing has been firmly delivered, let's get into the story proper.

Our tale begins with the reveal that the rainbow line, despite being a train powered entirely by imagination, has it's own line of credit for our group to make use of. This spawns a lil montage of the characters going out to do their own thing which results in a shopping spree for Tokatti (blue ranger) that ends with him losing his train pass/credit card. Rendered unable to ride the train he has to follow the group by any means necessary. The yellow ranger, Mio decides to accompany him so that he doesn't get completely lost. Meanwhile we have a secret romance blooming amongst some of the villians.
As you can guess this one is doing some major relationship set up, but it doesn't feel forced at all. In rather smart style the show is setting up Tokatti and Mio as the parents of the group. Neither of them are as talented as the others but they both offer support and dependability. It's a good way to connect the two of them and should prove to be an interesting aspect of the show as more rangers join to the group, throwing off the normal balance of things.
Oh I agree.
The action side of things is a bit lighter this week. However; there is one neat development in that the shadow line trains can transform into giant thugs to help out the monsters of the week. This could become a great way to break up the monotony of the usual big robot vs monster bits.
When all is said and done we now have a proper perspective on our group of heroes. Right is the wild optimist. Hakari stands as our intelligent realist. Kagura is the upbeat child. Mio the protective mother figure. And Tokatti functions as the dependable oddball. A fine team overall with an obvious opening for someone a bit more stern to mix things up.
I waited a little too long to write this up so the episode is slipping from my mind as I get hyped up to watch the newest installment. Still; this was a solid tale that ranks just behind the premiere. Won't waste much energy on a fancy sign off as I should be back for episode 5 real soon.

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