Thursday, March 20, 2014

ToQger Episode 5

Check out the fro!
Told ya I'd be back real quick. So the scene has been set, the characters are all in place with some development behind them. All that means is that his is the first episode to really be able to do its own thing. Sadly the opportunity is wasted as the show spends this week on auto-pilot, or cruse control, trains have an equivalent to either of those? Hold on (goes in search of an answer) okey; looks like they don't. Though some might have a kind of pacesetter. Alright so this episode was all pacesetter.
There wasn't much of a point to this tale other than introducing another train car that allows the group to car jump into towns that have been taken over by the shadow line. Color me disappointed to see a show with a train theme shifting so soon to the lameness of cars. What? Cars suck! Alright it wasn't all about the imagination fueled cars. There was an actual plot line about a monster than caused suffering through hunger. Kinda fitting that an episode about hunger would end up being so lacking in meat. Like a soyburger. A pacesetting soyburger.
Getting away from the analogies. Was there anything good about this one at all? Well the action was good. Must admit that I'm always amazed at what the stunt crews for these shows are capable of doing while essentially blind from the helmets. There's a healthy amount of flipping and kicking that would put a strain on someone who didn't have a sensory deprecation tank wrapped around their heads, yet these folks handle it beautifully.
As for any story/character progress. The whole affair was used to illustrate that Right feels completely fine with childishly torturing monsters to show them the error of their ways. In this case he ties the monster to a tree and taunts it with food. While this makes for some mildly funny moments, it's nothing to get too excited about. The villains are a little more active as they bicker about whether the collected darkness should be saved for the emperor or fed to Grita, a creature that is being groomed as his bride. Over the past few entries it's been shown that Grita has the monster hots for General Schwarz who is currently spending his time spying on the ToQgers.
You might say I'm selling the episode short but honest to god there wasn't much here to get excited about. In fact, there was never a clear focus for the episode. It introduced new tools for the group without spending much time on them. Spent time on Right without really doing anything with him. Developed the villains a little more while only giving them one scene. Just seemed like a wasted opportunity overall. That said, now seems like a good time to start power rankings. Let's go.
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