Monday, November 18, 2013

Oh Joy! New Goodies!

Sooner than expected, the great house retooling of 2013 has ended. At last I can place tea light turkeys wherever I please without fear of reprisal. This week also marked the first notable snowfall of the season, which not only melted but was replaced by one hell of a wind storm. Those events would mark this week as notable no matter what else occurred yet I was still lucky enough to get in some new foodstuffs.


White Chocolate Pringles
This little freak show evaded me last year. It's luck ran out tonight though as it sat in a wally world aisle next to the cinnamon sugar variety (not bad) and the pecan pie kind (oh god no! Kill it with fire!). I figured these would be horrible and as fate would have it, I was proven both right and wrong. When you first pop one of these in your mouth it is disgusting, but then it mellows out a little, then it gets kinda tasty. Plus; the more of them you eat, the more that effect increases. I have no idea how to rate/rank something like this so I asked around, and on a scale of one to ten my sister rated them as banana.

Monster Ultra Red Energy Drink
I'm an open lover of energy drinks. I will (and frequently do) try as many varieties as I can lay my mangy paws on, with the exception of any hazelnut coffee entries('s a long story). The low cal/carb versions don't tend to fare very well but I give em a chance at least. This one did not live up to that it's potential quite frankly. Honestly the regular monster ultra is halfway decent. Ultra Red however, is another story. There's nothing altogether too rotten about it, so much as it's just horribly lame. Ya know how stuff from taco bell tastes like beige and brown in a good way? Well this just tastes like low cal red coloring. If that sounds like something you'd be interested in then go right ahead, but those who like some flavor with their gank sauce are best off avoiding this one.

Candy Cane Milano Cookies
For as confusing as the Pringles might be, this was just pure joy. I love mint chocolate anyway and these are just so clean and fresh tasting. They go great with coffee as well which is always a major bonus for me. If you get the chance, you'd do well to pick up a package.

Sweet Lemonade Peeps
My mother found these at a Shell station and knowing what a massive peeps lover I am, picked up a package for me. Oddly enough you only get two peeps for more than it usually costs to get a full pack of the regular ones. The whole thing is a tie-in for some childhood cancer foundation that I'd never heard of before which means that proceeds from these things at least go towards a good cause. Sadly, the peeps people failed to bring their A-game to the table as these are kinda gross. As I pointed out before, I fucking love Peeps but these smell like chemical cleaner and taste a little bit like what I imagine cat piss tastes like. With some retooling they might work, but as they stand now I'd only recommend them to my fellow peep freaks.

I should be back with something else later in the week, and I'm hoping to bring in something major around Thanksgiving so keep an eye out folks.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Where Have I Been?

Really, the photo says it all. Since a few days before Halloween I have existed in a haze of constant projects. Of course I had the days leading up to my most favoritest holiday which where filled with pumpkin carving, animatronic set-ups, etc. Then came the Halloween itself which was lovely even though it rained for almost the whole day. Scared some kids, had some laughs. All that was good.
After that I had to pack up all 7 plus totes of Decorations in record time to make room for home cleaning and painting....the latter of which is still going on. So for any readers I may have, I should be back to rambling about games, movies, and snack food before the week is over. Hopefully I can also launch the main big push of this site before the month finishes out as well. If nothing else; I'm looking forward to it.