Monday, March 10, 2014

In Other News

Breaking away from the theme of the last few posts we find the year finally starting to pick up some steam. New things are hitting stores and proper holidays are slowly making a return which grants me the ability to drown myself in junk. Wont you drown with me? No? Well you don't get a choice in the matter, so there.
First and foremost are new Kool-Aid flavors. I've been waiting for Sharkleberry to hit the shelves since its return was announced last year. I'm fairly certain that I'd had this one as a kid but for the life of me I could not remember what it tasted like. It's delicious by the way! On an odd note, if you combine it with root beer you end up with something that tastes exactly like childrens toothpaste. The brand new green apple flavor was something I saw being hyped by exactly no one. That's not a complaint though since it's a rare occurrence to actually be outright surprised by kool-aid. Haven’t tried it yet but I'm debating which flavor I should turn into a pie first. If you think that sounds crazy, just go look up kool-aid pies. They're the real world version of that imaginary food from Hook.
YoCrunch strawberry yogurt with sprinkles. I was so stoked at the prospect of sprinkles in my yogurt but yocrunch totally dropped the ball here by using some of the weakest sprinkles I've ever encountered. Worse still is the actual yogurt. Seeing as the yocrunch line exists for children and adults who fear healthy dietary habits I assumed the yogurt wouldn't be chunky. In truth that's almost the case. There's only two or three chunks of fruit per cup. It's as if they strained the fully chunky stuff only to leave behind some bits and the more crude taste. I'd say bah to the whole thing but at least I got sprinkles.
Got to hit up the local thrift stores again where I found a nice copy of Topple laying amongst the ruins of their board game selection. Never had the chance to play this one as a kid. Sure my family had a lot of the basics like monopoly and jenga but anything like this never entered into our tiny collection. It doesn't play too badly though the scoring system is a little wonky.
My sister picked up Scream Gems for me. It's one of those old movie guide books that became nearly obsolete with the invention of the internet. Published in 1977 it seems to have a nice spread of flicks from old silents to what was, at the time, new school titles like Texas chainsaw massacre. There's a pretty impressive assortment of photos from more obscure fair that I'm honestly interested in looking up along with a few I already own.
The weekend was spent with very little sleep. I'm fairly sure that most of what I experienced was a hallucination. Something I can prove happened was this fancy selection of new peeps. The reviews in short are: Blue Raspberry.......strange. Sour Watermelon....actually really good. Bubble gum...would you believe awesome? The leftovers are currently lined up in a ziplock bag like some militant chicken army.
Also grabbed the original Carrie from the good old five buck bin at wally world. Needed to revisit it in order to wash off the stank of the remake. Lesson is; never try to top a movie that features William Kat's magnificent manfro. There's no winning that battle.

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