Monday, February 24, 2014

ToQer Episode 1

It's been quiet round these parts lately don't ya think? I know, I know. I should have put up more things to help you fine folks pass these cold winter days but I've had a case of lazy February. Basically I've been playing games, reading books, or just spinning in place while I wait for winter to finish the fuck up. This past week has finally provided some decent temperatures which has allowed me to get outside for some air and recharge the batteries. Hell! I even shoveled during a thunderstorm. Not something many people can attest to having done. With my renewed vigor I deem it time to write about something import. And what could be more important than a brand new Super Sentai series? Please treat that question as a rhetorical one and come with me on this bonkers journey.
I've had a slowly growing love for Japanese superheroes for a few years now, which jumped into top gear last spring as I started to get my hands on fansubs of different shows that have never, nor likely will ever, reach our shores. I finish some of them, and am still working on others, yet there was one final step to take into full fandom and that is keeping up with the current entry as it airs. Seems I picked a good series to start with as the premier of ToQger is pure televised sugar rush.
The show starts with a basic mission statement for the kiddies. The power of imagination is super important and there are apparently shadow beings who strive to destroy that power. Naturally this involves kidnapping children and sending them off on a nightmare train.

As you can see the evil train is absolutely tits and riding on it is our main character whose presence there is still a mystery along with several other story elements. The quote on that screen cap actually belongs to him and it illustrates a lot of what I already like about the character. He doesn't need everything explained to him and most of all, he has fun being a superhero. This is such a sight for sore eyes. I mean I love me some western comic book heroes. I watch Arrow, love the Raimi directed Spider-Man flicks, read X-men, Captain Marvel, etc, but man do I ever get tired of hearing about how hard it is to be a hero. Seeing some kids just enjoy it to the fullest is really refreshing. Plus the main kid totally won me over with this exchange with a monkey puppet.

Yeah, that monkey puppet is their boss by the way. I guess next week they get to meet the an oddly attractive girl robot that works on the train they use as a base. These folks seem downright normal compared to the villains who are all a mix of steampunk and nightmare fuel.
It's not long before we get to the action segments of the show. We get to see the whole array of train themed weapons and robots at our heroes disposal. Also they have the ability to swap colors with each other. Forget your old Power Ranger standards of girls are pink, men are red. In this episode alone we get pink men, green girls, cats and dogs falling from the sky, mass hysteria! I simply must mention the teams big cannon which allows them to finish off the monster with whatever they can imagine. In this case they crush the beast under a pile of crying child statues.
It's crazy wild entertainment and it knows it. There's so much I haven't even hinted at and yet I don't think I could cover everything even if I wanted too. Of course that's somewhat to be expected from the first episode. I imagine things will smooth out a little over the next few installments, allowing me to provide write-ups that aren't utter lunacy. Still; this is exactly the kind of show people need in a time when far too much of the entertainment world is stuck up its own ass with self-importance. I'll definitely be tuning in and continue to bring you the highlights as we go. Toot! Toot!

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