Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Your Toy Box Unboxing: Big Brother Edition

We're doing something a little different with today’s unboxing as it's not mine. That's because my older brother was intrigued enough by my first month of Your Toy Box that he decided to try it out for himself. Unlike mine, I can't report on which categories he choose for his subscription though I know he picked out more stuff than I did.

Before we move on to the items, I forgot to mention in my last toy box post that I initially learned of this service from a youtube cat by the name of Johnny Tellez. Guy's an absolute hoot thanks to his boundless enthusiasm. If you ever feel like viewing some unboxings of various subscriptions I highly recommend his antics.

Also on the cool guy front is the head honcho of Your Toy Box, Trevor Taylor. E-mailed him last week to change a few preferences and mentioned my blog coveridge. Within an hour he'd done the changes, read the entry, and even answered a few questions from the blog itself, now that's service!

Let's kick things off with Star Wars. It's not very obvious in the photo but my bro ended up with two SW items. The first is Luke in his pilot get-up from the 90's Kenner line. Didn't have the heart to tell him that I've probably got a boxed version of this buried in the storage room, but what he doesn't know can't disappoint him. Much cooler is the translucent blue Darth Maul figure. It really says something about Mr. Maul that even when you make him look like a candy sculpture, he's still a bad ass.

One of the brand new items were these Marvel Bonka Zonks. They're kinda like a weighted dreidel or if you're old enough to remember, spinfighters only without a launcher. For my brother's part I don't think he found these terribly interesting since he's aiming for stuff that's more display quality. I think they're pretty damn fun though.

There's a rather strange Bart Simpson figure. It's obvious he's in laughing position but it's weird, like he's having an involuntary poop laugh. On the plus side, he's pretty easy to display.

And for the “where did that come from?” item we've got this Harry Potter million dollar bill. I saw another unboxing where someone had something similar but it was Jurassic Park themed. Best I can figure is these must come from the Universal Studios park.

Now for the three heavyweights. First up is a Star Trek TNG figure of Captain Picard in his Dixon Hill persona. Owned a lot of TNG figures back in the day, a few of em are still in a tote downstairs which is why I decided against adding trek to my subscription, but never had this one. If you don't understand the figure, Dixon Hill was an old Noir style detective series that Picard liked to play on the holodeck. It even popped up in First Contact when he goes all tommy gun commando on some borg.
To the left is a go-bot. I freely admit to having almost zero knowledge of Go-bots or their ways. That being said, this one is still very cool and in great shape for something as old as me. It must work out.
On the right is a nice & spiffy Mr. Sinister figure. Oddly enough I've got massive love for this guy dispute only ever reading like one comic with him. It's just something about the look and the name, you just know he's total dickweed. Quick question: Is he left-handed? Ya know, to go with that whole sinister thing.

So how did this box stack up? Personally I don't think it was a good as mine but at the same time,my brother picked some categories that I have no interest in, so it gets a little subjective. With things like the Dickson Hill figure of hologram Darth Maul, it still made for a fun treat. He was planing on canceling his subscription which you shouldn't see as a condemnation of the box because my brother ordering something like this was way out of character to begin with. Thing is, I don't think he remembered to cancel in time which means the next unboxing will be a showdown. Brother against brother in the battle for the best toys. In the meantime I've got a few extra things lined up for CosmicSparky's upcoming second birthday. Stay Tuned.

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