Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Happy Birthday CosmicSparky!

Today is all about number two for cosmicsparky! No, we're not having a laxative party, it's the second birthday of this little site. We've done a lot since I first popped up on here to write about wine cork projects and celery soda. The number of posts and regular readers continues to grow and the introduction of cable access TV specials last year made for a fine addition. Usually the thing to do on a birthday post is revisit some of the favorite pieces but instead I'd like to fill in some blanks about myself and the topics I generally don't cover. For instance....

-The above image is what one might call my workspace. Yep, that's where the magic happens. If you believe tv recaps and soda reviews are magic. In truth there are many more attempts at magic than what actually ends up on the website. I'd say at least 20% of what I write never sees the blogger posting page. There's at least a few months worth of articles about beer, candy, and Tales from the Darkside episodes.

-I was in fact born on the forth of July. While this has the advantage of fireworks, barbecued pork, and the day off from many jobs, there are some downsides. One major flaw I've found in the past few years is that all the local bars are closed, essentially blocking me from a free bday drink. This year I plan to pester several of them on the 3rd with my best sad puppy look to see if they'll bend the rules a little.

-One of my absolute favorites objects is cheap little freebie I can got from a case of beer. See, I usually watch My Bloody Valentine every Valentines Day. If you've ever seen the movie you know how much of a presence Moose Head beer has throughout the film. Naturally I like to grab some Moose Head for the occasion. One year the twelve packs contained a bottle opener that fits a credit card slot in your wallet. It has been a vital tool ever since.

-I watch the CW all the damn time. Between pretty monsters, the men who hunt them, and an increasing amount of superheroes, that channel nearly has me on lock down.

-If you were to ask for a list of personal heroes, I'd list guys Vincent Price, Jean Claude Van-Damme, and William Shatner. Not for strictly nerdy reasons mind you but because each of them is a bundle of personality that do what they love.

-Two unique features of my face are a scar (that appears more as a wrinkle) above my right eye. I got that one from doing some awesome wrestling moves at like age 4 only to bash my head open on an end table. The other feature is my deformed left ear. Nothing disgusting mind you. I'm just missing a proper earlobe on that side. I actually have all the tissue but it never unfolded in the womb so there's a lump on the backside of that ear.

-Every Saturday night since May of 2008 has been marked as horror Saturday wherein I watch anywhere from 1-5 horror flicks. The following year kickstarted my October tradition of at least one scary movie every night. Last year marked the beginning of theme nights. Quick tip: Any killer robot marathon requires Chopping Mall, Class of 1999, and Deadly Friend.

-I despise escalators. Absolutely hate em.

-Final Fantasy is one of my all time major loves. I've got a decent sized collection of titles, even a few for systems I don't own. Just know that every time you see whiners complaining about the newest title, I'm usually deep into it with a dumb grin across my face.

-One time, I saw a guy dressed like Naruto pissing in the woods. Such images are usually attributed to being a magnet for weirdness. Barking children, things like that. Once in the heart of summer, a girl dressed as a fairy attempted to place a spell on me. Waved her wand and everything.

-I'm horribly picky when it comes to music. Usually that would earn the title of snob yet I have nowhere near the knowledge base to carry such a label. Really I'm more like Mr. Burns in that I know what I just happens I hate a lot of stuff. Actually got some compliments on my old CD collection from a duchy record store years back though I've yet to decide if that was a good thing or not.

-I've made a point of eating as many different animals as possible. Alligator and Eel are two of the best, even get the occasional octopus craving. Also know what Kangaroo and boar taste like on the way back up. Oddly, bear and rabbit continue to elude me. As you might guess, this hobby doesn't cast me in a positive light with vegetarians.

So what are the plans for the third year of CosmicSparky? The first few bits are simple. Like some content on video games, movies of the non horror variety, music, and maybe sharing some of those cable access shows online. Other than that I'm trying to find more ways to get the site noticed without resorting to facebook, twitter, and other social media deathtraps. One thing I'm working on is mystery boxes for a few people. Also considering redoing the site with a new background, extra features, etc. Probably start rolling some of those out when winter rears it's frosty head again.

In the meantime, I'd like to thank everyone out there who swings by this page. It may not always be the most well written or useful place on the internet but I'm still proud of it and love the idea that someone actually reads my thoughts on comic books and breakfast cereals. You keep coming by and I'll keep writing.  

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