Sunday, June 7, 2015

Shuriken Sentai Ninninger Episode 12

It's been so long since the last Ninninger recap, y’all might think I'd forgotten about the show. That's not the case at all. Fact of the matter is I hit a bit of writers block when it came to this episode. Not because it's bad. The show continues to make a slow and steady climb toward quality. The block is due to this one being almost entirely spectacle. Sure there's a little story/character development but overall it's a lot of action scenes, good ones too.

Carrying from last week, Takaharu's in recovery from his injuries from fighting Gabi so the rest of the crew steps up their training to take on the big man. In an alarming turn of events, Kasumi continued to be pleasant and useful as she worked on a formula for combing Kinji's robots with their own. Oh and we get an explanation for all that Starninger equipment. Apparently Kinji learned how to make it all from grandpas book. Also on his front were repeated sightings of an old family photo which is left hanging for another time.

With that all out of the way we end up with tons of action. Four ninja take on Gabi and some thugs themselves, then Takaharu joins in soon followed by Kinji. Some very nice moves are put on display including a new finisher that reminds me of the sword-fu in Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children (a flick I should really write about sometime). Once we move on to the giant robot phase the team manages to combine with Starninger's toys for more flashy fun.

I'm very proud of the ending to this episode when Kinji asks gramps why he's so resistant to take on a student. The old man replies that he had an apprentice once and it went poorly. Most shows would leave us dangling for a good half a season before revealing the identity of the disciple but not Ninninger. It's Kyuuemon. The fox lady...or man..still not quite clear on the gender but it makes for a good revelation all the same.

Time for me to catch up on some more episodes and squeeze in a few different articles as well. I've just started a novel that I think will make for one of the best entries ever. Seriously, if I had a mustache I'd totally be twirling it right now. Stay tuned.

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