Monday, December 1, 2014

Thanksgiving Fallout 2014

So the site's been a little neglected lately, yea? It's true. My bad. November rushed past in a sleepy blur, and boy do I mean sleepy. Swear I must have spent at least one whole week in bed for no reason other than why not? In truth I accomplished quite a few things in turkey month (though novel progress has stalled dramatically). From another tv special, work, some more personal PC education, and even a couple of first time experiences, it wasn't an awful month, just awfully short lived.
I'm sure most of you are probably still feeling the leftover pangs of Thanksgiving in your guts. While not my favorite holiday by quite a long shot, I still look forward to the few traditions I've attached to it. The first one to be indulged this year was my new booze gift set. This year I went with the shine.
Midnight Moon. Hadn't really tried it before outside of this one goofy mixed drink I took down during my nephews birthday (thank you Logan's Roadhouse!) which already put it high on the interest list. What put it through the roof and right in top place were the teeny tiny mason jar shot glasses along with a mason jar pour spout. The shot glasses are just straight up fun. Makes you fill like a giant sized hillbilly. the spout presents a much more interesting project as I can now store any homemade krupnik or candy vodkas in jars with easy access come drinky time.
Now I ended up with the apple pie variety, which seems to be the only kind in gift set form. I would've liked some choice in the matter but lucky for me it ain't half bad. Sorta has a melted candle/cinnamon candy aura to it without being overpowering. Mixes decently with other stuff, especially ginger ale. Trick is, it's a major sleepy time drink. While it's low in alcohol, there's a whole warming medicinal quality to it that just makes ya start to drift off into slumber. I'd mark it as a success though cause I'm willing to give other flavors a go...just not during gift set season. There's a big box of tequila that's calling my name. God am I ever thirsty.
So the Macy's parade was more painful than ever this year. I usually DVR it as an endurance test to see how much corn my body can take but this one nearly took me down. Never ceases to amaze me how many musical acts they can put together out of people I've never heard of. Seriously folks; if you want to feel detached from modern pop culture just go to Macy's. All in all our favorite piece of the whole show was the absolutely horrid lip synch on seemingly all but one of the performers. Best ones were the people who just shoved the mic into their face so you couldn't see their mouth movements. That's the sign of an ace performance.
The third and final of my Thanksgiving traditions is the cinematic turkey. This year we laughed our way through Samurai Cop. Oh what a beauty this thing is. Absolutely getting a full article on here soon. I haven't had a smile that big since Flesheater. Found it a little odd that my brother kept turning to me to report that the movie was shit. Guess he doesn't get the meaning of “let's turn on a bad movie.”
There's other stuff I want to cover, but let's save that for a second post in a day or so. Gotta run into work, pour some coffee down my throat, and deal with some personal bizz as well. Should be a lot more updates this month, so stay with me folks.

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