Saturday, November 15, 2014

Milk Chocolate Pringles and Candy Booze, Amongst Other Things.

Hiya folks. Been a while, hasn't it? Yeah....sorry bout that. Been trying to stay busy and catch up on a few things and then I realized this page hasn't been touched for a few weeks. Let's remedy that shall we?
How was Halloween for everyone? Mine wasn't bad. The weather was a tad saucy and there were lil tidbits I'd like to have been different but there lies the charm with every holiday. Those small things you want to improve on help to make each one unique. Still had a good time handing out candy with nearly the whole family dressed up as assorted monsters, watching a nice stash of flicks. Even got to tune into my public domain special, which yes I neglected to post on here, I'll try to do better for the Thanksgiving one.
One little treat I prepared for myself that night was my first experimentation in the field of candy infused vodka. I've had a fondness for that particular fire water for most of my life and love the fact that like me, it eats candy. I made four small batches to try. Red skittles, green skittles, candy corn, and it's uglier cousin Indian corn. Overall the results were successful though I need to readjust my proportions a bit. Both skittles versions came out quite nicely and make for some damn fine screwdrivers with the side effect of looking like witch's poison which only added to the Halloween vibe. The corns on the other hand were more of an acquired taste. Anyone who's ever had them knows the strange film left in your mouth afterward. Well, whichever oil causes that translates directly to the vodka. Still; I'd recommend the regular candy corn vodka but not Indian corn. That twisted black juice was not meant for human consumption. I'm definitely planning on trying more candy vodka to go along with the onslaught of Christmas foods. I mean all those special candy canes need some loving too.
A few nights of being restless meant it was time for a late night wonder through walmart. Seeing as the journey involved riding a moped in twenty degree weather, I was determined to bring something home with me. Lo and Behold new Christmas Pringles and Lofthouse cookies were there to greet me. I figured there was a strong chance that at least two of these items would be pure shit but let's call it a Holiday miracle that everything worked out nicely.
I started my trip through flavortown with the caramel apple cookies. Upon opening the case I was met with an overpowering smell, a bit uncharacteristic of traditional lofthouse offerings. Biting into the beast offered a surprisingly smooth flavor. Neither the caramel nor the apple takes center stage. The only thing that threw me off is that these are more solid than their regular cookiesm dryer too, which could be a plus depending on what you want from a cookie. These are not game changer, but a decent way to spend some snack money.
Cinnamon Sugar Pringles Tortillas were something I actually figured would be ok and they actually exceeded those expectations. When we popped open the tube there was a fairly normal tortilla smell. Nothing at all like you'd expect given the name. Eating one revealed a flavor similar to classic cinnamon laced treats like elephant ears or empanadas just not as strong. I'd say it makes for a fine choice when you want that seasonal cinnamon vibe but just a little lighter.
The big nasty of tonight’s shopping trip was easilly Milk Chocolate Pringles. Having tried the white chocolate version before and being generally unimpressed left me thinking that these would be tried and then tossed. It is trash night after all. The smell is pretty rank and artificial but I continued on and found the chips to be of all things, fucking awesome. Don't go in expecting milk chocolate flavor. This is a smore chip, plain and simple. There is chocolate with a hint of something creamier. The salted chip fills in for graham crackers and the result is nice & tasty. One day these will be included in the grand museum of things that have no right to be good but are.
Obviously a man needs something to wash all that sugary stuff down with, and what could be better than more diabetes sauce? Found Swamp Pop last weekend at World Market. No Real details are needed, This shit is outstanding. If you find it, buy it! Monster Ripper doesn't get an outright recommendation though. It was good, don't get me wrong there. It just lacked something for me. What it could be is that this is smoother (I.E. less bitey) than other Monsters. This could be a huge win for someone else but I'd sooner pick up the more powerful M-80 or Nitrous versions over this one. Hell; let's blame that crazy lady who thinks monster in a tool of Satan. She colored my expectations for the whole week.
I gotta skate for now kiddies. I'm aiming on getting some better employment which means I've got an app to fill out. Ugh, no fun. To tide you over until the next update, does anyone have a good tip for what should be on my Thanksgiving special? I've got Plan Nine from Outer Space lined up along with the Liberace thanksgiving special. I need a second public domain flick but I can't even pick my genre. Should I do some sort of old Muscle Man flick? Kaiju? Kung-Fu? Gimme some hints.

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