Sunday, December 14, 2014

Almost Xmas

Now that's more like it. When I started this entry, my holiday cheer was running pretty low. As luck would have it, I've come across a fair share of holly jolly junk food, wrapped some gifts, and gotten some cards from strangers. After a few weeks of the holidays feeling off, it seems like everybody remembered it's celebration time. Naturally this means revisions in order to scare up some cheer for any of you out there feeling festivly challenged.
Those goodies I mentioned; the majority of them were nabbed in one go through wally world. Pretty much everything you see was a success. Oh, and let's not forget the peppermint drumstick variety pack. It was a fine feast after breaking through the previous nights bout of venison flavored food poisoning. Now I can't say anything positive about the soda flavored candy canes just yet. We try to keep those on the tree for as long as possible until candy lust overcomes our better judgment. Once that process has taken place, I'll report back to you.

Tonight brought in another round of goodies and by god, I finally found the Christmas cereals! Just had a bowl of Sugar Cookie Toast crunch and it was surprisingly mellow. Very much like a batch of homemade cookies it wasn't overbearing and it was just a tad dry. I imagine the cookie crisp will lean towards the more headache inducing store bought style cookies. That negativity is mostly coming from years of wondering whether regular cookie crisp was always so gross or if one of us changed. The chocolate covered potato chips and gingerbread latte are fine and dandy. Really haven't encountered a single dud in on the seasonal food front so far, which leaves me somewhat more comfortable in how I waste my cash.

There's also been two new additions to my usual line up of holiday traditions. First up is a secret Santa program through my thrift guild on Boardgamegeek. Already finished buying and shipping for my target and made some deals with other members to get even more items shipped out to him. The whole thing has me feeling good overall with the downside being that I've seen/heard nothing from my own Santa. Here it is with less than two weeks until the big day and it's driving me nuts. It's almost like being a kid again in that you have very little clue what's coming but you want it right now!
The other new addition is from the same website only it's a card exchange. Never been much of one to send out cards. Mostly see them as a cheap replacement for actual generosity, yet mailing em out to strangers is downright pleasant. Maybe it's that you've got no baggage with these people. You're not gritting your teeth thinking of how they didn't come to your barbecue because of course they didn't come to your barbecue! They live half a world away! It's such an inexpensive way of sending out some good mojo and getting some in return. Originally I wanted to make up a CD of some obscure Christmas music I.E “Here Comes Santa in a Red Canoe, but as you can probably guess, I slacked off and just sent out mildly personalized cards. The first two cards I received were also of the standard variety, nothing wrong with that. Then the third had a CD, though with more notable songs like Rudolph. Than the forth put us all to shame. A couple from Poland sent me a homemade card with it's own unique message along with a quote by Ben Franklin and it was adorned with a homemade ornament. No fooling. Complete strangers from eastern Europe made an ornament for me. Gonna use them as inspiration for next year cause they don't fuck around when it comes to Christmas cards.

Ohh I know there's so much more to report on. Every item in this entry could easilly be covered in greater detail. I'm just so excited for this week. Dunno if anyone reading this lives in a multi-generational home but anytime a few people flee for a few days is like a vacation, and I haven't had one of those in forever. It's amazing how much difference the absence of two people can make for just a few days. There will be less chores, a lot less noise, pure comfort. What a great little gift from the universe. And it gives me the perfect opportunity to work on my Christmas special. I'm actually considering making a weekly show starting next year. I mean my show's aren't great and Christ knows if I've got any viewers but just the knowledge that I have my own show is pretty invigorating. And sure I don't get paid but that frees me from feeling like I have to live up to expectations. Cause really, what can anyone expect from a one man show with exactly zero budget? Any episode where I don't sit around in my boxers drooling on myself should be considered a hit.

I'd better wrap this one up before sleep takes over. I've got some more stuff planed before Christmas strikes,so stay jolly out there and see you soon.

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