Saturday, August 22, 2015

Shurken Sentai Ninninger Episode 20

Well it certainly didn't take long to break my vow of two episodes for every Ninninger entry. No this isn't some fear of commitment. The advent of Windows 10 required this old laptop to restart from square one and I've yet to get everything back up and running. Didn't even have VLC installed until this afternoon. It's actually kind of nice as the whole process has made for some quick file clean up. Believe me, there was a lot of loose baggage to clean out of this thing. In a way it's all rather fitting as this installment of Ninninger had a very similar goal.

If you recall, our last visit left the kids in a conundrum as they'd found the flying ninja ally who was rather reluctant to offer his aid. Being of the stubborn variety they continue to try and win him over. First they get a little backstory on Saika the monk. He's the son of the guy who built all the ninja allies & fancy tools and he aims to continue the family tradition. First on his checklist is teaching Takaharu what he needs to tame the flying ally who's been the kids guardian ever since pops died.
Somewhat debatable. 

As you might guess, most of the team is sidelined to action duty this week while Taka tries to figure things out. It's not a bad trade though as the action is pretty good with the actors doing some out of costume stuff for a change.

Meanwhile, Saika teaches Takaharu by stealing his ninja sword for a grand game of keep away. It's established early on that Taka is in fact kind of an idiot. Like the show just straight up admits it now. While attempting to retrieve his weapon, dumb dumb must consider what he can truly offer to his friends. Reflecting on the old dude's insults from last week he realizes that the team is comprised of two smart and calculating types, two fast & clever kids, and a strong man who doesn't know how to work in a team setting. What he offers is his wild uninhabited idiocy that helps everyone be they're best. It took 20 episodes but the show finally came up with a proper reason for why he gets to be the leader other than wearing red tights. For a series predominantly aimed at kids it's also a surprisingly sweet message. If you're a dumb kid, use your energy to help others succeed. It's like the origin story of Tony Robbins.

The old man finally sees a ninja he can “run wild” with and offers his aid. That means it's power-up time with a new super armor and giant robot named Lion Ha-Oh. Normally I'd be concerned that only Taka would be able to use the new gear but from what I've seen of following episodes, he has to share the new toys every so often.

Having gained an ally and defeated that Chimera from last week the kids return home. We're treated to a brief conversation where Saika jumps up right next to Fuuka as the show's best character simply because he has the balls to criticize gramps. Speaking of the old bastard; since the team finally surpassed him in one small way, he finally relents and allows Kinji to become his student. Everything isn't quite so happy elsewhere as Kyuuemon seems to be reviving yet another evil general.

All in all I'm pretty satisfied with this tale. It introduced some good potentially recurring characters, flat out admitted that Taka's a moron, albeit one with leadership skills, and even had someone bash on grampa for once. Combine that with some decent action and shiny new tools & the next batch of stories are sounding pretty good.

I'm planing on at least two more entries for August, including the start of Halloween goodies (already bought some yesterday). Also want to try and improve the site a little as well. Not to mention I've got a job interview on Monday morning. Yes indeed, this blogger/contractor/handyman may add recycling center goon to his list of titles. Wish me luck.

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