Monday, August 3, 2015

Shuriken Sentai Ninninger Episodes 18 and 19

Welcome to August everyone. The ending of summer for most but the beginning of Halloween prep season for me. There was a sad part to the first day though as it marked the one year anniversary of my Corgi buddy Oliver's unfair and unwarranted death. There was a chance I'd forget the date if not for watching the last few episodes of Cowboy Bebop. Christ almighty that scene from #24 between Ein and Ed nearly had me blubbering like a baby. Perhaps I should make a note to avoid dog-focused entertainment around this time of year. Maybe watch something about ducks.
If you're looking for the unboxing I'd hinted at during the previous post, that's been a tad delayed due the mail taking its sweet time. For now we have two more ninja tales to sort through. I'll tell ya right upfront that one of em is just awful.

Episode 18

And here it is. Easily the worst episode of the series so far. After all that progress too. Ya know those jokes on Popsicle sticks? The ones nobody thinks are funny. Imagine that for 20 minutes and you'll have a good idea of how 18 played out.
There's a lawnmower monster with the ability to temporally control a person mind. Why would a lawnmower have such a power? Who knows but that's the least of our worries. His control usually lasts a few minutes until he takes hold of Yakumo who stays under the spell. Or does he?
Long story short, Yakumo is pretending to be brainwashed in order to protect the monster as it was formerly his beloved lawnmower.....yeah. I don't get it either. As an idea it's too stupid to be legitimate yet it didn't come across as funny either. When it comes time for giant robots, the team summons surfermaru again which brings Kinji back to Japan. Oh and the team finds a way to turn the monster back into it's original form so no sacrifices are required of our heroes yet again.
Afterward the whole team convinces Kinji to stay while they try to convince grandpa to finally take him on as a student. Not only was it a bad episode in itself, but it reverted the overarching storyline to where it was in the previous installment, thous dragging that one down with it. I'd say say we should be nice and pretend this didn't happen but it did and it was horrible. Now let us never speak of it again.

Episode 19

As if in a blatant attempt to make up for that whole lawnmower fiasco, this story is packed with almost too much to report on. I'll try to get it all together.
The kid's are pestering grandpappy about taking on a student. He's still acting like a pickled turd and claims that if they ever surpass him by even a little, then maybe, just maybe he'll consider it. While this is going on, Kinji runs off to fight Kyuuemon since he feels like a fool for ever thinking about teaming up. It's during this fight that he learns how the old man was never able to tame the flying ninja ally despite the distinct advantage of being it's designer.

With all that out of the way for the time being, the big bad himself actually creates a monster for once. This time we've got a chimera made up of tools and hardware. Not the worst idea but it is pretty fugly looking. Big beast gives everyone a righteous whooping and breaks several of their weapons. In desperate need of repairs they go searching for the machinesmith who made all this badass ninja gear to begin with. Kinji knows roughly where the guy lives since they'd done business over the internet (so that's where he got those robots.) Along the way to the old shrine, our group encounters a wild old drunk and a young monk. Said old man gives them another sound beating while criticizing their flaws. Guy must be a fan of the blog. It's almost like the writer's sat down and decided some things needed to get aired out so this show can get moving.
Before you can say Onomatopoeia, the chimera rears it's ugly head and initiates the token giant robo fight. The kids are loosing yet again when the flying ally shows up to help em out. Our monster of the week retreats for now as the old man reveals himself to be the spirit of the giant robot. I guess this answers my rant about the machines having emotions.
The team asks oldey magoo to join up with them. He asks why he should bother to which they respond “to protect everyone on Earth.” An answer that doesn't settle with him apparently as he runs off yelling “that's not enough!”

Thank god this was a quick recovery after such a colossal stumble. The only real issue with this one is that the action scenes were a bit bland, consisting mostly of explosions and reaction shots. It's a shame since we know the show is more than capable in the fighting department. Perhaps they're saving the budget for something special.

That's all for the ninja stuff today. The new mystery box should be here this afternoon, finally giving me the chance to plumb its depths and return with a review. See you soon.

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