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CosmicSparky Reviews Johnny Tellez Unboxing CosmicSparky

My god is that title ever an eye-crosser. Don't worry regular readership, it'll all make sense soon. Of course if you've been directed here for the first time thanks to the video below then this is old news and you've more than likely moved on to something shiny. 

Writing anything about the happenings on youtube isn't exactly what you'd call a common occurrence around here. In all honesty there are very few channels I check on a regular basis. Most of those are either for finding more strange 80's or at least 80's sounding music and the others are for researching boardgames. When it comes to regular vloggers and such hardly anyone catches my interest. That changed a few months back while I was researching the width of subscription boxes and came across a lad named Johnny Tellez. Odd that I call him a lad despite me being his junior by like a year and a half. Still; in the vast swarm of what I view as mostly half-hearted unboxing videos and dull vlogs here was a remarkably entertaining and upbeat guy. I became a fan right quick and have kept up on his work ever since.
I'm peppering this with clickbait pet pictures.
I will admit an additional interest in that I find us to be like the two sides of a coin. Here's a guy with a vast amount of similarities to me. I mean he's an admitted mama's boy (totally in that club myself) who collects horror movies, adores pop culture, toys, and even has an affinity for small troublesome dogs. Even our tastes are very close with just the occasional alteration such as his love for Dr. Who. God help me, I do not understand that show. Sure, I've come across other folks who share these things in common just never this much, but then there's the big difference.
Johnny's a very upbeat, cheerful, bright-side kinda guy. Not to mention that he's quite the helpful type as well. He's always giving shout outs to his fellow vloggers, and talking up the benefits of treating people well. While I share the helpful stance, kinda have to in my line of work, I'm not so much in the upbeat attitude. It's not like I'm some insufferable turd, but I definitely lean more towards the crude and nasty side of life. In movie terms, if this was Twins, I'd be the DeVito half. As a student of psychology I can't help but wonder what leads to that split. Is it the difference in families, or environment? He's apparently spent most of his life in warm & sunny places while my life is all in the frosty north. There's probably some philosophical equation presented by this sort of phenomenon but lord knows I ain't the one to calculate it. Whatever the case, it's always a comfort to know there are others out in the world like oneself.

When I started tying out different mystery boxes, the idea struck me that is must be massive fun to create one. This manifested first in my new practice of birthday boxes for friends & family and a lingering urge to do something a little bit bigger. Thous formed the idea of promoting the site with a special box. I actually thought of a few potential targets for this project and Johnny was naturally at the top of the list. Even now, I can hardly believe he agreed to do it. A few weeks of hunting and gathering commenced with plans for crafting as well. Sadly, my current focus on cleaning out this house amongst other things leaves very little time to make stuff. You better believe that's driving me crazy. Eventually I ended up with something I could feel mostly proud of and so it was time to ship it out.

On Saturday morning I mailed out the package and faced a few close calls as hungover drivers nearly plowed into my scooter. After screaming obscenities at one of them, I was almost tempted to follow him. Anyone who drives that poorly deserves a punch to the back of their head.
Next up was the waiting game. Ohhh how I hate that game. More so when the tracking info says your box went to Texas and back to Michigan within an hour. On Tuesday night after napping for a spell (apparently Italian seasoned ground turkey doesn't agree with me) I awoke to my phone telling me that I'd been added to someone's circle. In my still hazy thought patterns this could only mean one thing. I hopped onto youtube to see the fruits of my labor. Believe me, my heart was pounding with an odd mixture of excitement and worry. There was always a chance that I'd grossly miscalculated this whole project. Then I got to see it and my god it was awesome.

Imagine the feeling of giving a really good Christmas gift, only there's no holiday and you hardly know this person from Adam. It's really outstanding. I took that vibe with me and went for a quiet 1 A.M. walk. The world doesn't seem quite as lonely when you're thinking of how somebody on the opposite border of the country is gonna enjoy the super Nintendo game or weird show you sent em. I've been a giver for years with things like toys for tots and Thrifty Secret Santa last year, but actually getting to watch the person open those items on the spot makes for something special.

Really that's the thing to take away from this. Let's say this project fails as an attempt to grow my audience. I still had the joy of watching a goofy guy, not unlike meself have a lot of fun unboxing some goodie crate I threw together. I love collecting experiences and the quality of this one is gonna stick around for a while. If you ever get a chance to do something similar, maybe you've got a buddie with a youtube channel or something, try it. Kinda gives you a high. Like nobody's gonna knock me down for at least a few days. Here's a visualization for you.

So for anywhere from the tenth to twentieth time, I'd like to thank Johnny for agreeing to this little idea of mine. In my experience it's not something many people would do for a stranger. Hell, I've met some that wouldn't do something like this for their friends (Don't much care for those people). Wish him all the best of luck with moving, his channel, and whatever projects he gets wrapped up in. He's a decent guy, he's earned it. Since he's got me considering some youtube content once I finally have a filming space maybe there's a chance of doing this again sometime. Until then, I'll continue to be a regular viewer of his work and of course keep up my duties right here. And I still gotta find a second job, finish writing a novel, and get my video and board game ideas off the ground. Oh the troubles of those who dream too much.

For anyone who came here from Johnny's channel, I hope you'll stick around for a while. The next entry should be an unboxing...or maybe something about ninjas. That's all up to the mailman.

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