Friday, July 3, 2015

Shuriken Sentai Ninninger Episode 15

I approached this week's Ninninger adventure with some trepidation. As you all may recall, my opinion on Kasumi has been less than favorable with her previous focus episode being the absolute low point of the series. Generally I've either found her to be dull or just awful. Along with the show's improvement, she's gotten a little better but how would she handle another shot in the spotlight? Only one way to find out.

Just another day for our ninja crew. Some are studying while others go out in search of the flying ninja ally. Meanwhile the villains evil scheme of the week involves a two-mouthed negotiator who they hope will usurp control of the ninja allies and eventually the whole team by having them sign contracts. She soon takes control of rodeomaru by convincing him that he needs representation since he's always being sent into dangerous battle without consent. Considering this is the second time robot emotions have been used against the team, maybe they should have left the A.I. Portion out of their designs. Just saying.

After setting rodeomaru and one of those big skeletons loose on Tokyo, mouth lady tries to make Kinji sign a contract that she claims will stop the robot but place Kinji under her control. That's when Kasumi steps in to help out with some counter-negotiations. We get several scenes them trying to work out this situation until Kinji signs his contract which puts him under control. Kasumi finally works it out by convincing mouth lady that she's the best monster they've ever faced. She should have all the respect her organization can give and deserves to have all her hearts desires as both a demon and a woman. Eventually this sends the evil wench into revolt as she tears up all the contracts. And that's the story of how Kasumi finally got her proper place in this show. She's still a silver-tongued, conniving person, but that's what allows her to outsmart the opposition.

During all the negaotions were multiple fights between giant robots and monsters where we once again find Fuuka to be the team heavyweight as her and Nagi duplicate themselves in order to fully man shurikenjin in battle. How are these two not the team leaders?

After all is said and done, demons big and small are slain and the teams plans to call it a night. Kinji encounters Kyuuemon who proposes they team up in order to take the end shuriken Kinji so desperately needs (cue mysterious music) from the old fart.

I don't know about you folks but I've gotta get my butt away from the computer and enjoy an extended birthday weekend. Hope yall have a good time and eat plenty of animals. I'll see ya in my thirties.

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