Monday, September 15, 2014

The Legend of Cornboy

Thursday night has one special tradition that makes me look forward to it each week, two if TV is in season cause that marks pretty vampire night. Viewing habits aside, Thursday means thrift store night. We go out and check for whatever new/old items grace the aisles of goodwill and hospice. Sometimes we bring back nothing, other times we bring back great piles of forgotten relics. So far the majority of my Halloween shopping for the year has been done at both of these stores with a few pieces that haven't been covered on here (maybe we'll get to them later). Last weeks haul was extra hefty, with some fine finds and a new character to grace our season.
Goodwill has been surprising ample in the Halloween department lately. From mask to life sized frankensteins, there has been some major selection pouring out of that lil hole in the wall. This visit brought some nice new window and toilet clings. Very excited for that last one as I've wanted to try toilet d├ęcor before but couldn't reconcile spending 10 bucks on something that'll just get pubic hair on it. I have that same issue with buying underwear actually. Also got a few small metal pumpkin lanterns that'll find various uses through the season. Most of all, I'm proud to have a new water rat. Behold!
For a couple years straight I placed a standing dollar store rubber rat atop our water cooler. The last time he was out we decided to try and make him a year round feature...then he up and disappeared. Thanks to Goodwill, there's a new musclebound replacement to stand frightful watch over our water jugs. God speed lil buddy.
Over at the hospice thrift store there were a variety of ziplock grab bags. Some of them had toys, others had figures, one was a sizable amount of rubber bugs for all of 25 cents. My first pick ended up being an odd jumble of some toys and legit decorations. Nothing life changing, but the witches should make nice additions to the light up village hovering over our kitchen cabinets. Turns out bag two was the real find.
This baggy came fully stocked with a good supply of porcelain figures and pumpkins along with other pumpkins and some kitties of the wooden persuasion. The tall skinny witch is particularly bogus close up while the cloth grim reaper and black cat may have to take a trip to the trash cause they're dirty and more than a little stanky. Amongst all of these strange beings; one stood out above the rest. Let's zoom in one what I like to call cornboy.
Your eyes do not deceive you. That is a corn husk with orange yarn and a drawn on happy face. Several people are of them belief that he's some budding cursed object but I think cornboy is a gentle soul. You know; the kind that only kills when provoked.
One last find for the evening was Treehouse of Horror Monopoly. For the record; I adore the Simpsons up until about season 12. After that it's just been a lame horse to this family, but the Halloween episodes still get some major love from us. Hell! It's pretty much the only episode we still tune in to watch. Now I've always hated Monopoly so this wasn't a slam dunk for me and the eight dollar price tag made me shrug and leave the game on the shelf. After heading out we checked the prices on ebay and amazon and to make a long story short, I decided it was best to go back for it.
This stuff wasn't the only fun I managed to find at the stores. There's also a nice array of food, candy, and drinks procured during an otherwise uneventful supply run. Be back to review those soon. For now though, It's time to rest under the watchful gaze of cornboy.

Just noticed that this is my fiftieth entry. Guess I've earned a cookie.

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