Saturday, September 6, 2014

Let's call the whole thing off

September is here at last friends. Summer is passing into the realm of memory to which I say good fucking riddance! Now it's not like the season was completely worthless. There were a few highlights scattered here and there like 80's themed birthday parties and movies about space racoons. By and large though it was one of the most frustrating summers I've ever had and thankfully a key element of that frustration has finally come to a head and actually left me in a finer state than I have been for some time. Now I'm prepped for Fall. That perfect storm of pumpkins, cold nights, spooky d├ęcor, and an onslaught of horror flicks. However; my town has one last hurrah before Autumn can fully settle in. With that in mind I figure we can cover one last Summer grab bag.
Last week's morning shifts left me too scatterbrained to take photos of so many items that most will get clumped together here in a kind of rapid fire review session. First off are those Lay's chose your flavor chips that have been floating around. So far I've only placed my paws on three of them, in this order. Bacon mac & cheese is pretty good, not incredible mind you but a very rich chip for when you're feeling that extra bit of gluttony. Mango salsa is a good idea spoiled by an overabundance of fake mango flavoring. I mean it. These coulda been something special if there'd been even the smallest effort to balance the sweet and spicy elements. Cappuccino was just gross....really, really gross. Not even sheer novelty can make em worthwhile.
Also on the chip front are two wal-mart exclusive pringles varieties. Bacon is a pretty straightforward affair that errs more on the side of smoky than salty or meaty. Enjoyable, if a bit disappointing. Siracha didn't do much for me but my nephew went gangusters on em in an orgy of spicy chip madness. Kid ate a good 96% of the tube so if you consider that a ringing endorsement, go ahead and get some.
If any of these seems scatterbrained, keep in mind that I'm in the midst of some drinking...probably shoulda said that earlier. Tried the bud light apple-ahhh-rita tonght and for the life of me I can't give you a proper review. It's tasty and gross at the same time yet still fits the season really well. Now I'm on to some hard cider with fireball in it. Ohhh sleep is gonna come quick tonight.
Got a nice stash of boardgames in the mail. Betrayal at House on the Hill is my main dish for Halloween. Proving that choosing one horrific theme is for chumps, this lil monster features everything from aliens, cannibals, and good old fashioned demonic possession. I'm sure there must be a few limitations. It's doubtful the game has a scenario where a creepy old man controls mannequins with his mind powers. Anyone who gets that reference is eligible for a cookie through the mail. There's alos a small stack of games I bought on kickstarter way back in winter. God help me if they didn't come in the nicest envelopes I've ever seen. Seriously; I kept those for no other reason than thinking they're neat. 
September and October are always massive months for adding to my horror collection. This season alone there's probably a goof seventeen flicks set to join the pile. That may not sound too bad at first until you remember it's on top of the 644 that already reside six feet from my bed. This last week has brought me the aussie horror collection along with Cat People and Evilspeak. Already watched Strange Behavior from the aussie set. Can't say as I remember anything that happened save for it being incredibly fun to watch while struggling to stay awake. Out of the others I'm most excited for evilspeak for the promise of a possessed Clint Howard flying around with a broad sword.
Oh my god! I had no clue there was a scene in Hard to Kill where Steven Seagle grooves to Chuck Magioni! Life feels a little more complete. Now if you don't mind, I've got to excuse myself to head to the store. Be back soon to start up the spook season in proper style.

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