Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Over-analyzing DVD Art: Sleepwalkers and The Willies

Not an hour ago, the UPS man knocked on my garage baring a tiny amazon box just for me. Knowing that it's in the single digits out there, I bounded out in the snow to recover my package before the weather had its way with my prize. Inside the box were my two newest acquisitions for the horror collection. Both of them bring my total up to a nice & plump 605 but what makes them more exciting is what they represent. The last few weeks I've been working on clearing out multi-feature and franchise sets which for as good as the Psycho sequels and Daimajin movies are, working on several series at once can start to turn horror time into a chore. Thous I made a move to break up the monotony with some early 90's cheese. Of course it's always more fun to get new toys in the mail when you've been up for hours in an attempt to fix your schedule.

Looking at these things is just an absolute delight. So happy that they each have their original artwork and not some floating heads hack job. Sadly, the studio couldn't resist adding that bubble about the King and Barker cameos in Sleepwalkers. It's a real shame as this is a piece of art I can remember gracing the walls of almost every rental stores horror section. Just something about an army of cats laying siege to a country house that sticks with a kid. The Willies oddly keeps it classier, even featuring the artists signature in the bottom-right corner. It really shows how far the art of posters has sunk that even a total under the radar flick like this had proper artwork to show it off. Now even the summer tentpole flicks just feature the star surround by either smoke. fire, rain, or some combination of the three.
I adore the assertion that only Stephen King could write Stephen King's Sleepwalkers. Shouldn't that always be a given? I know there are many King flicks written by other people, but when I see his name as the start of the title I usually assume it's him. Maybe I should adapt that for the site though. Only CosmicSparky could write CosmicSparky's Den of Madness!
Blame it on the lack of sleep, but the site of Rudy hobbit staring at me from the side of the Willies case just completed my day. Sorry for the lousy photo. It was the best I could get while that cat alternated between trying to clean my hands or make sweet love to the dvd case.
Oh wow. The back of the Willies case is so much like a good Tales from the Darkside gallery. I've been waiting to watch this one for a few years in the understanding that it's basically a nastier version of Are you Afraid of the Dark. The whole full moon over the woods bit totally sells the campfire story angle. It's giving me such a yearning for better weather so I can spend some time out in the backyard, shooting the shit. Christ! I think this case is convincing me to move to a warmer climate!

And with that I'm off to try and make something of this six degree day. Star funky people.

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