Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Ikea Billy Bookcase

Call me crazy or judgmental but it seems like there's an instinctive behavior for people to occasionally showcase a complete lack of sensible thinking. How else could one explain coming back from a day of physical labor only to eagerly commence construction on Ikea furniture? Yet that is exactly what I did last week when I spent the night building a bookcase rather than relax and indulge in video games and TV.
Admittedly this wooden beast has been something of a growing necessity for some time now. I've frequently mentioned my large collection of horror films. Well that very collection outgrew it's old home long ago. Just take a look at the old Sauder shelf threatening to break under a mountain of dvds and blu-rays.

Clearly you can understand my need for an upgrade and months ago I thought I'd come across the solution thanks to my first visit to Ikea. It was back in the cold dark month of January during a trip to pick up my niece from the airport. At the time I didn't buy much of importance other than a delightful milk frother and delicious elder flower drink but the idea stayed with me. A Billy bookcase seemed like the only affordable option for restoring dignity to my bedroom. My mother was actually nice enough to pick it up during an unrelated trip, possibly because she realizes new employment means infinitely more horror flicks are on the way.

Popular opinion seems to be that Ikea furniture is a pain to put together. I've built more than a fair share of basic furniture over the years and this actually ranks as on of the easier projects I've ever dealt with. Perhaps what confuses people is the absolute lack of written instructions, the included version being strictly illustrations. Look at these twisted marshmallow people fret over their new goods.

I'm a little hesitant to show the finished project since there are further improvements to be made. For one, I'm in need of two more shelves for a proper movie display. Furthermore as you can probably tell I've got zero room to expand. Well that's not fully true. Thanks to my awful new job I can afford to upgrade a few series to blu-ray versions that take up much less space. On the other hand, this isn't my full collection as public domain sets along with out of date formats like VHS and CED are in the closet. Even so, I might be able to work with this thing until Christmas. After that I'm screwed.

One more advantage to this billy shelf is I can add my Funko pops and such to the display. Originally I thought of placing characters in front of their respective series though seeing as I'm a fan of variety, I'll most likely continue move them around to suit my mood.

You'd be completely within your right to question whether this article has any point or merit. Honestly I just wanted to share a home improvement project and properly document the moment I brought Ikea into my home. It's practically a rite of passage, somewhere between your first time driving a car and the first time you wake up with sticky shorts. Besides, it was something of a family affair as we lined up the movies all the way from the front door to the bathroom. Even the dogs joined in. You already saw Rustybear resting atop a line of blu-rays.

Wrapping up with a pleasant announcement. I'll be heading to the Motor City Comic Con in Novi MI this Saturday. Expect a full write up probably early next week and hopefully pictures of some fly cosplay honeys. I might put together a lil cheap press tag with the site on it so if anyone sees a sleepy guy with a cosmicsparky tag on his shirt, come up and say hi.

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