Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Loot Crate October 2015 Time Unboxing

November may well be the only month exemplified by cleaning up the mess of a previous one while building up for another. Perhaps January ould stake such a claim as well though it's preperation comes in the form of praying for sunlight and warmth. As for the 11th month of the year, the poor thing's a middle child with a major identity crisis. Likewise you'll find that my several blog entries this month will exist in some time warp where jack-o-lanterns sit alongside stocking stuffers and peppermint snack cakes.. Usually our first post of November is a wrap up from Halloween but since there's still multiple leftover topics to cover I suppose the story will reveal itself over time. If you want a quick version it was a pretty decent Halloween. Not my best but a far cry above the worst. Let's call that a victory. Now onto the main point of the day, a Loot Crate unboxing where the theme, much like this month, is out of time.

This was not my subscription box for the month mind you. I'd been aiming to give Marvel Collector Corps a shot but the monthly paycheck came in too late to obtain that or any other box for that matter. After seeing a few unboxing videos I'm not too disappointed though. Their villain box wasn't bad though it was certainly something I can live without. My sister; however had been very intrigued by the September Loot Crate and decided to take up a subscription of her own. The LC crew made a few interesting decisions for this box by using a theme that blocked any potential for horror items in October while also reducing the number of items to focus on quality. Did those choices pay off? Let's find out.

The key reason for using this theme for this particular month was all the Back to the Future jazz about us reaching the point in time Marty visited during Part 2. Naturally like most folks who were either born/raised in the 80's the whole family is rather fond of these flicks. Even someone such as I who doesn't hold them in as high a regard still quote them frequently and enjoy fond memories of watching em countless times over. That somewhat lazy attitude towards the franchise doesn't prevent me from pointing out a fine collectible when I see one, and this 1/5 scale hoverboard replica is a nice piece. Made by Quantum Mechanix who've been gaining popularity thanks to item like their q-pop figures, this lil model doesn't miss a detail. Even the box is covered in that hyperactivie color scheme that the 80's imagined we'd still apply to anything and everything. Suppose that's yet another disappointingly failed prediction along with all those missing Jaws sequels, I want more killer sharks dammit!.

Also relating to Back to the Future is an exclusive Doc Brown Funko pop. There's already a regular doc pop out on the market but this one is a completely fresh sculpt. Different hair, pose, the works. Pretty awesome to see this much work put into such a figure since most pop exclusives usually revolve around small differences. Just look at last months Supernatural car if you'd like an example. Personally I adore the electricity emanating from the cables he's holding as no one does clear features quite like Funko.

With the McFly saga out of the way we move on to Doctor Who. My general distaste for this show is well documented so you'd be correct in assuming I had little interest in whatever this item may be. Lo and behold, someone found an item interesting enough to breach my whovian disdain. The sonic spork is....well, exactly what the title implies. The general design of the doctors primary gadget (the sonic screwdriver for those who don't know) gets a streamlined variation featuring a spork. It's brilliant and gives one a hankering for pinto beans.

Last yet far from least is an exclusive t-shirt featuring the titans of time-travel, Bill and Ted! Including these guys in more boxes would be one easy step to a better world. Unlike Back to the Future which was a big deal when I was a kid but faded later on, Bill and Ted was something I grew into. There's so much about the movie that's just plain stupid yet there's so many moments that are just right. My sister was nice enough to let me have the shirt in exchange for the pikachu hat she snatched up last month.

Of course there's also the token pin and little magazine but otherwise this was very much a quality over quantity box that continues Loot Crate's recent upward trend. Next on their agenda is a combat theme with items from Hunger Games, Capcom, Blizzard, and Fallout I think. It's not the most exciting sounding thing for me but my sister plans to continue her subscription. Another cool feature to note for anyone considering this service is they actually have an option for you to skip a crate you don't find interesting without canceling your subscription. Wish more boxes had that available.

That's all for now kiddies. We've got lots of stuff to cover leading up to Thanksgiving, especially once I finish cleaning up all those Halloween decorations and catching up on backlogged shows. The amount of CW material being crammed into each night can't be healthy. If the next post is all about timeless lover affairs and superheroes, you'll understand.

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