Friday, August 8, 2014

We're Back!

Told ya we'd be back. Had to find a few workarounds for the tech issues and now things are going semi-smoothly. Now the below entry has been sitting long around long enough that I'm not even gonna bother with extra edits. Besides; I gotta remove the American flag table cloths from a sheilf that smells like pot. It's a busy day, trust me.
Above is a look at the two newest members of my weird figure collection. Are they painfully racist? You better believe it! Billy Bob and Fresco are fine bedside companions all the same. I found these two nestled amongst various wood crafts in the thrift store a few weeks back. At first I thought they might be put to use in some diy project, but now I think I'm fine with them keeping Betsy and Godzilla company. When in need of a laugh I can pretend that zilla is fighting two mutant penis monsters......don't act like you can't see it. Actually; I'd be very happy to hear from people who might know where something like this came from or what the hell the writing is supposed to mean (if anything).
Ignore the beagle portrait if you can, it's not for us. My brother in law brought this back from the convenience store a few nights back to much fanfare. It's not often that Faygo brings out a new flavor as they opt to rest on a strong existing line-up.
At first the carbination somewhat overpowered the cotton candy flavor, but after letting it sit in the fridge for a few hours it started to balance out quite nicely. I really think this could be a keeper, just don't go in expecting immediate satisfaction cause I swear it's better when it starts to go flat.

Another run to the same thrift store which brought my Asian penis men garnered a couple of tabletop items. Usually there would be no interest for me to pick up some plain old copy of Parcheesi but this one had something special. As it was still factory sealed, the price tag from the original store was still pressed firm to the side of the box. Felpausch food stores. Place used to be a corner stone of my town and over the years my mother, brothers, even yours truly worked there at one point or another. My mom was there for decades and I spent so much time there that there's a good chance I walked past this very game in the cereal/toy aisle. As if that wasn't neat enough, the tag had the stock date on it. September of 96. I was eleven at that time for reference. Feels like forever ago but it reminds me of a time and place so after opening it up, I placed the price tag inside for safe keeping.

As you can see in the background of that pick I was also lucky enough to find a carrom board, double sided no less. Gotta love the painfully white family on the cover. Why was that such a common practice for game companies back in the day? Like we wouldn't feel assured of a games fun factor unless there was a full sized, sweater clad clan leering at it like like cattle. Never played carrom before but decent dexterity games are tough to find and this claims to have instructions for multiple variants. Something good to have around when you're drunk and have zero access to a pool table. Part of the fun of thrift shopping is the unexpected bonuses, in this case a drum stick was nestled amongst the game pieces. 
Chester's cheddar fries and pizza...wheels?
Dunno if any of yall have seen these around. Chester's has a threesome of new chessy snacks hitting the shelves. Last week I tried out the pizza ones. They use the comb shape that pops up in a few of the cheetos varieties and a massive overdose of oregano. Don't go in thinking it'll taste like pizza. Really it tastes more like a pizza joint smells. Sound gross? It kinda is, yet I kept going back for more. The cheddar fries work in a similar manner. Imagine takingcheddar Pringles, folding them into a tube shape, and adding a little bit of Styrofoam for texture. Once again it's sorta nasty yet they're remarkably easy to just go crazy on. There's gotta be some major additive or MSG to make these work the way they do cause I can think of no other reason for them to be as addicting as they are. Maybe tonight I'll grab the honey BBQ twirls and finish off the collection. Wish my guts some luck.

slush puppies blue raspberry
Found these earlier this week at wally world and my god are they fun. Let my nephew have the cherry one which he claimed was really sour. I fully believe him cause this made me pucker like a mo'fucker. Ohhh but it's sooo good and refreshing. This is the exact kind of novelty Summer requires. Oh and don't forget to wear gloves as the package makes no effort to seal in the cold. My hands actually hurt from holding this thing, and I was only picking it up when I wanted a drink. My fingers were so cold that the mouse pad on the laptop wouldn't register them for at least half a minute. It's a painful/joyous experience best meant for those of us who like a little pain mixed in with our candy. Of course this is coming from someone who as a child would bite his lip before drinking lemonade.

The other day I was mistaken for someone called biscuit. Also met someone who introduced themselves with their Call of Duty history.....I still have no idea what they were talking about. Oh, and a large dog tried to eat me. Summer is weird.

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