Thursday, August 14, 2014

Trailer Park Boys 3: Don't Legalize It!

One major advantage of being late to to any bit of pop culture is not having to endure the endless wait between new material. To think that some people had to wait years in the hopes that Countdown to Liqueur Day could be washed from their minds. Hell; waiting a month was tough enough. Question is, does this actually redeem this aging franchise or simply drive it further into the dirt?
Worry hit me right from scene one as we open with a set of circumstance that seem right in line with the last flick. There's a funeral, Lahey is hobbled up after suffering a stroke, and Bubbles is living under a porch. Plus there was the usual continuity issues such as J-roc no longer being successful (thankfully he got his personality back) oh and the three babies from the last season are still MIA, maybe a moose ate em. All told I was seriously dreading another ninety minutes of misery. Then a funny thing happened. This one ended up being something good.
Really this is more like a two-for-one special. The first half is spent catching up with everyone, and I do mean everyone since they're almost all here except for Corey, Trevor, and the aforementioned babies who'd all be like 7 by now. Oh and idea what happened to her.
The second half trims the fat known as supporting cast and becomes a straight-up road movie focusing on the five main dudes. That's where all the best parts come from as the whole thing began to remind me of the better SNL flicks from back in the day. Plenty of funny lines. Serious but not overly sappy moments. Just a nice balance overall.
From the get go, the theme is that of everyone worrying about their future and the potential of losing the people that matter to them. It's subject matter that hits pretty close to home these days and thankfully the movie doesn't let itself get overwhelmed with those issues so much as present how easily they can be dealt with thanks to good friends, fun times, and the proper mixture of booze & weed.
In direct contrast to that is Mr. Lahey. He still keeps people at bay and knows of no other way to deal with his sorrows than straight up drowning them. John Dunsworth has done more than a fine job over the years doing the crazy drunk bit, and he gets to have a little more fun this time thanks to a new drug.
This really is the proper distillation of the whole series. A few idiots make it through life by watching out for each other while a cranked out old bastard tries to stop them out his own inability to just lay back and enjoy life. Perhaps I'm digging up meaning that isn't there but by god if this doesn't feel like a proper ending to the franchise, right down to a fight between Bubbles and Lahey. Of course there's gonna be new episodes out in like a month sooooooo yeah, don't screw this up boys.
Oh and can I note just how ugly the movie is? I mean Canada in winter. Christ! It's like watching a dog shit in your front yard in January.
Until then I've got more shows, books, games, work, and study to get through. Ugh, and morning office shifts are coming my way soon. That alone is a dreadful notion that's made all the worse by August allergies. Dunno what it is exactly but it makes it nearly impossible to get out of bed which isn't kosher when you're due in at 8Am. First world a warm blanket.

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