Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Summer Catch Up: Trailer Park Boys

Howdy again folks. I tell ya it's great to be back working on this site on a regular basis. I'll level with you fine readers. Life kinda had me stumbled there for a bit. Suppose it happens to all of us now and then. We maybe take on more than we can handle, forget our normal emotional levels, but it comes back to us eventually. I've seen it happen to the best of us but I really feel like I'm getting my balance back. Sure, I've still got worries, who doesn't these days? But I've got the confidence now to push those worries aside in favor of the good stuff. Speaking of the good stuff, how about some Trailer Park Boys?
With the regular TV season passed us, I've got at least five hours a week to plug into other endeavors. Yeah, I should probably spend them finishing up my novel (working on it) but who can resist the call of catching up on a few shows? Last year I made the mistake of taking on too many summer shows, hardly finishing any of them in the end. This year, the plan is to go with just a few shows with small seasons. Under most circumstances I probably wouldn't have gone with something like Trailer Park Boys. Nothing against comedies. In fact I watch a great deal of them. Just that when it comes to picking out individual shows I have a tendency to go eith more serious fare. However; some of my friends are fans, one being positively obsessed so this is one I took on in good faith. So far it's working out pretty well.
Season 1: Picking up right after the an original movie that I've yet to see (thanks to it basically being buried) We follow Julian and Ricky, two cons fresh from prison as they readjust to life in Sunnyvale trailer park. The show plays out in the fake documentary format as it follows the boys in their day to days adventures that usually involve getting plowed and/or steeling something. There's some good stuff in this first round of episodes but like so many first seasons there's just something missing. As far as I can peg it, the general tone just wasn't quite right yet. Often times these episodes come across feeling too serious and straightforward when they could easily benefit from a lighter tone. There's lots of experimentation in finding what characters and concepts would work for the show going on, most of which works out. It's short enough that I don't have a problem recommending it to people, but don't let this be your full impression of the series.

Season 2: Big Improvement here. First things first; more Bubbles! Second; More Lahey! These two were outstanding characters who spent far too much of the first season in the background. Bubbles in particular is not only the finniest cat in the show but provides a conscience for Ricky and Julian so they don't come across as complete dicks. Plus he really helps the focus change from two fuck ups trying to get by, to something more about a group of underdogs which makes it much more fun to get into. Possibly the best improvement of this second year is a more continuity based storyline. While the first season consisted of the usual episodic antics, this one flows from one to the next as the boys grow pot in an old trailer in hopes of selling it to the prison system. Also the sub-plot with Ricky befriending Lehays teenage daughter helps to round him out. The first season is good but this is actual quality viewing right here. 
Season 3: Progress and regression are the markings of season 3. The show gets to be even funnier than it was before, yet in the process of doing that loses out on the continuity driven approach from the previous year. This return to episode by episode antics also brings back the tonal issues from the first season. Most of them are great fun with bits like Bubbles rapping about “rolling with his kitties.” Something about the season finale just didn't work for me though. It seemed rushed and out of tune with the stuff that came before it.
I may not seem that into the show from my brief recaps. Truth be told it's not the kind of show I obsess over so much as it's comfort viewing. It reminds me of the King of the Hill reruns at 5:30 in the morning. Not something to base a day around but just some simple fun to cheer ya up after work is done. If you could use a show like that this summer, I say go ahead and let these Canadian boobs work their magic. Do be warned that you will get a craving for massive quantities of junk food like chicken fingers, chicken chips, peperoni sticks, the works. After more than two episodes, I'm usually primed to ram out on my scooter to the nearest gas station for some high-quality feed.
That's all for now my lovelies. For anyone who comes round these parts for the ToQger recaps; I plan to get back to them though they may be two for the price of one from now on. Otherwise look out for more TPB coverage. Working on giving Game of Throne another chance, some game reviews, and maybe another book review, Been too long since one of those. Peace.

P.S. Just noticed We're not far from getting 1000 page views. If anyone likes a particular article I've done then by all means give it a push and see if we can get up into the four digits.

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