Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Star Wars: Smuggler's Bounty Double Unboxing

Most people like to find a balance of work and pleasure in life. After all, there's only so many chores a human can endure before needing a fine cocktail or movie night. Striking that proper balance has been a little tougher for me this past year as jobs have not only taken more personal time form me, but also provided more disposable income than I've ever had before. On the one hand it's pretty awesome since I'm able to get all kinds of goodies. At the same time, there are still dvds and video games from last Summer I haven't even touched. Recently I've been getting on top of a lot of that excess and I guess somebody must have noticed, cause along with this month's Star Wars: Smuggler's Bounty box was a free extra box from Funko.

The conspiracy center of my brain banana would love to think this is special treatment for months of blogs about Funko's subscription services, but try as I might to appease my own ego, the freebie is simply part of a promotion on Funko's part. In fact many subscribers were chosen to receive older boxes from the various services. Not everyone mind you, and some were so unlucky as to get a repeat of one they already owned. Not me though. I was lucky enough to score two Smuggler's Bounty offerings over the course of two days. So with two specimens in hand, how does this service stack up to Marvel Collector Corps? Let's find out.

The two boxes I received were the new Empire Strikes Back box, and a Jabba's Palace edition from last Summer. Just like Collector Corps, these come with the standard patches and pins. Honestly, both of the patches are a little ugly with maybe bounty hunter Lea coming out on top. When it comes to pins though it's all Empire. I mean it's Billy Dee Williams for gods sake! If I'm able to hunt down a Colt 45 pin, I'll be able to reenact my favorite malt liquor commercials on my lampshade.

Clothing is a major weak point for both of these boxes. Jabba offered up another hat. As noted in previous boxing, I'm simply not a hat guy and while I appreciate the “programmed for etiquette” statement on the design I still ain't gonna wear it.
The Empire box commits a far more egregious sin as far as apparel is concerned bu giving us socks, patterned socks at that. This isn't something I regularly mention on here but I despise socks. Like full on stomping and spitting hatred. Socks are the perfect storm of unappealing and uncomfortable which means I wear them as little as possible and I hold extra special contempt for patterned socks. I can't even comment on the quality as putting them on would be a direct violation of my core sock hating principles.

Moving on we've got the core non pop items. The offerings may look unbalanced but there's a good reason for that later on. Empire only has a wampa plush for an extra. He's actually really soft and has a good feel so I like him more than most of the stuffed Funko items I've come across.
Jabba's Palace also featured a plush in the form of Boba Fett who just isn't as well done as the wampa. More than making up for that is a Jabba the Hut Pop Mug. This is my third mug thus far from Funko yet it's the first one I have to actively defend from grabby hands. Who woulda thought drinking from a Hut held such appeal for so many people. Wonders never cease.

Here's the reason for that imbalance in the amount of extra items. As you can see, the Jabba box featured one normal size Pop while Empire has something much more magnificent to offer.
Let's get the little guy outta the way first. It's R2-D2 in his waiter guise from Return of the Jedi.....so yeah, there's that. Don't get me wrong, he's neat and all but not something to get jazzed about.
The Empire box on the other hand, contains a pop so majestic it convinced me to jump from one Funko service to another. Viewing it in the package doesn't even begin to reveal how nice this thing is. The Tauntaun itself is huge and has nice, roomy base to keep it standing. It's impressive enough on it's own you almost forget about Han Solo until you see the finer details of his arctic gear. The only issue is how much space this thing takes up. Currently I still have it in the box, sitting on a shelf and it protrudes so much I can't fully open the closet. It's a small inconvenience for something so delightful.

This double dose of goodies was a fine way to get introduced to Smuggler's Bounty. It's a pretty solid service but I do take a slight issue with the amount of items included. Marvel Collector Corps has the toys, cloths, patches, and pins, but always manages to squeeze in a comic every month. Smuggler's Bounty is missing that little extra something to make it feel complete. If they make up for it with more special Pops like the Tauntaun then the low item count could be easily remedied. We'll see how things develop as I'm at least going to stick around for the Rebels box in March.

That's all for today kiddies. I'll be back soon enough, remember I mentioned having a back log of topics. Also keep an eye out for a new article of mine over at Dread Central. Beyond that, I'm looking at some further expansion for CosmicSparky this year. And, ya know what? I'm having a hell of a time wrapping this post up so let's just leave it at that. Stay cool everybody.

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