Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Marvel Collector Corps February Deadpool Unboxing.

There are two things I've found that make a long-awaited delivery all the more spectacular. First is as a reward for finishing something important. Second is as bandage for disappointment. Imagine my surprise then when Marvel Collector Corps arrived right after finishing a project that may lead to a side-job and mere hours before the absolutely rubbish ending of The X-Files. Brief aside on that, how the fuck can you fail to end a story properly by the third try? Oh well, I'll take my solace/triumph with this box full of goodies that like so much of pop-culture this month is all about Deadpool.

As usual for these Funko boxes things kick off with both a patch and pin. There's only so much you can say about these but they're still a nice touch. This pair also has some better quality art than the Groot & Rocket from December's box. The pin goes right to my lampshade but I still have no clue what to do with these patches other than wait and make a boy scout style sash. Anybody out there with decent decorative patch ideas drop me a line, please.

This installment marks a return to normal after the holiday items of the Guardians box. That means it's time for my first experience with Pop Tees. Seeing as I'm a wee bit heavyand I'd heard odd remarks about sizing, I opted for XXL to be on the safe side. I'd say it was a good call because even though there's ample body room, the arms were initially snug.. Not sure which factory sets out to make tailored clothing for fat men with baby arms but it seems Funko has em on contract. Don't take this as too much of a criticism though. My caveman body is the scourge of modern garments, and the shirt is still pretty comfortable.
As for the design, it's decent if a tad basic with Mr. Pool posing within an almost card like display of bullets,and the like. Turns out there were 4 variations possible with each offering a different costume coloration. All said, I'm pretty satisfied with getting the X-Force version.

I neglected to read the comic before writing the last boxing, but this time I wanted to cover everything in full. Kinda regret that decision cause this book kinda sucks. Now I'm no master of Deadpool comics. I've got a few in the longbox and even cherish my complete set of “The Circle Chase.” Otherwise I'm unable to say how well this story stack up against it's peers. Still what is here is an indecisive mixture of light comedy and boredom that struggles to introduce far too many plot threads without the ever providing much entertainment. It's odd to read a first issue from a new volume that's so deep in continuity as to be utterly baffling. It absolutely failed to interest me. As for the variant's good but doesn't compete with that awesome Guardians Christmas cover from last time.

With all the fluff outta the way it's time to get into the meat of any Funko box, the toys. Folks were having a hell of a time guessing what might be included in this box due to the sheer glut of Deadpool items already on the market. So I imagine most were surprised at such a solid offering of exclusives. Personally, I did not expect to find a Mopeez since Funko has so far neglected to included any of their plush lines within subscription boxes. Gotta say the lil guy is kinda neat. He's got this faux-vinyl material for parts of his costume that mesh well with his otherwise soft body. On the downside I just know he's going to be a magnet for corgi fur.

Next up was another entry in the Dorbz line which I'm very happy about. Dorbz have really started to come into their own lately. Go check out the the great figures from the horror line or some of the TMNT entries if you don't believe me. Cowboy Deadpool may be a somewhat lazy variation but I ain't complaining. The paint-job is great, and he's nicely weighted and well built.

Last up is the big item most people are interested in, the exclusive Pop. There had been a lot of discussion as to whether Funko would cheap out with a simple color change or hat. Instead we're treated to part of their attempt at Pop diversity with leaping Deadpool. It's a neat effect to see this character in something other than the standard Pop pose. He's supported by a clear base that slides under his sword sheaths. I found handling him out of the box was sort of a pain thanks to both the base sliding out and him being a bubblehead. It's like a toothpick & Jell-O situation. That level of built-in instability means he's staying in the box until I've got a more sturdy perch for my collection.

Overall, I'm very satisfied with this box. The only disappointing item was the comic which is far from a big deal. If you're like me, the point of getting Collector Corps is because you like Funko toys and could maybe use a boost to your t-shirt selection. On those fronts this is still a worthwhile investment. Of course if you're not into Funko toys you should probably devote yourself to a nice healthy hobby like jogging...or puzzles.
If you are interested if giving it a shot, the cut-off for the next box is mid-April. The theme is Captain America: Civil War which has me wiggling with anticipation. For anyone who likes the idea of this box but isn't big into Marvel, there's a Star Wars box in March along with the launch of a DC service. If you're aiming to get all three I suggest you sell a family member into slavery to cover the costs.

That's all for today, kiddies. Michigan's getting hit with some late-season Winter storm. The view from my bedroom window looks like one of those naturescape lamps right now. Time to go out and frolic.

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