Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Marvel Collector Corps December 2015 Unboxing: Guardians of the Galaxy

Godzilla added for scale. Damn that's a big box!

Gather round one and all for my last mystery box of the year, albeit probably not the final unboxing, just the last belonging to me. I decided to send 2015 off with a bang and give Marvel Collector Corps a try. The Guardians of the Galaxy/Christmas theme wasn't so much the draw as was my general intuition and the promise of this being their biggest box yet. Is it a golden gift from the stars, or just a dank lump of coal? Let's find out.

If you've never looked into Marvel Collector Corps before, here's the deal. For a somewhat misleading base price of $25 you get a box Marvel comics, shirts, toys, accessories, etc all exclusive to this service and made by the folks at Funko As you can guess, this makes an exclusive Funko Pop the usual centerpiece for each box. That alone should be a deciding factor for most people cause if you don't like Funko stuff, this service isn't for you. Also be aware that this company is fairly new to the mystery box game so there's been many reported problems in both customer service and quality control. Each installment has brought with it fewer issues so they are learning from their mistakes, but the advisement is still valid.

You're probably wondering why I claimed the price was misleading. Well the package itself is $25, that much is true. Once you add shipping & handling along with taxes it ends up being something more like $34. Now if you were to take this as your one and only subscription service, the bi-monthly element makes that price a bit more palatable. Still a decent chunk to ask for just one box and the $7 shipping isn't all too amazing either. First off the packages go out in waves, which means there were spoilers online before mine even shipped out. Determination and careful web browsing kept everything a mystery. Secondly, UPS much like Fedex before them brought the box all the way to my hometown only to leave it with the Post Office to deliver on the following day. Don't understand how that makes any business sense. Anyway, on to the goodies found within.

Every Funko box whether it be Marvel or Star Wars has included both a pin and patch. They're both decent quality items as well. Groot will join all the my other pins on the bedroom lampshade. Rocket on the other hand is sort of a conundrum as I don't wear hats or have a primary backpack, anything like that. Never really been a patch person anyway. It's still neat and pairs nicely with the pin.

Reaching into the box proper yielded a comic. Each month has an exclusive variant cover of whatever issue is included. This time we've got Guardians of Infinity #1 with a sweet image of Rocket decorating a Grootmas tree. I wondered if this was a preview of the pop cause if it was, I would have totally lost my shit. I mean this just looks cool. Haven't read the comic yet. It'll go into the reading pile before finding a place in the long box.

I assumed the next item on the agenda would be a t-shirt as is usually the case, but not this time. No sir, this ain't no measly shirt but a glorious scarf. On one side is a potted Groot, and the other bares the Guardians logo along with shadowy figures of their respective pops. Nothing else in this box inspired quite as much glee as this scarf. I need lots of equipment for winter walks and now I've got a bitching' piece of flare to show peacock while I traverse the tundra.

High on scarf fumes I dug in once again and felt two different boxes. I figured the larger one was the pop and decided to save it for last, it's smaller neighbor turned out to be rather unexpected. This double pack of holiday Groot and Rocket didn't strike me as very unique at first. Sure they're nice & all but there's a mass market Christmas Groot already so being with his buddy and having bobble heads didn't seem like enough. A little later I realized these are actually ornaments which upped the cool factor significantly. Kept the box for later storage since they're still exclusive pops, but for now they guard our presents from the branches above.

Time to figure out what that larger box was. Could this have been one of those packages with multiple pops or maybe some other Funko collectible? Actually it's a mug. A Star Lord mug no less. Wasn't completely surprised by this one since there had been rumors of a Funko Home item joining the box and both Rocket & Groot are widely available in stores, making Peter Quill the next obvious choice. No complaints though. I love me a fine mug and am more than willing to savor delicious coffee from a spaceman's head.

And that's everything. There's no weird filler to top off the box, just a base set of solid items. So how do I feel about it? Well let's consider that this box was fighting an uphill battle due to me not being a huge Guardians fan, the somewhat higher price point, oh and it arriving on a really bad day of work that left me very irritable. Even so, I liked it a lot. The pin, patch, and comic were all decent small items. The scarf and mug are both sweet! As for the pop I would have proffered something a little more extravagant like the Grootmas tree from the comic cover. Still, having them serve as ornaments as well as the apparent start of a new product line is very cool. Not everyone agrees with me though.
After hopping online today and checking out some other folks reactions I found some of em to be pretty pissed. Why's that you ask? Well Funko promises at least one exclusive pop in each box, but the little guys are called “Pop Bobblers,” possibly a new type altogether, which means some people look at this as false advertising or some kind of corporate betrayal. Likewise there were folks complaining in advance about rumors of a mug. Why someone wouldn't want an awesome mug is beyond me. Beyond that are youtube and message board rants bemoaning the lack of traditional pops I even saw one asshole throw his mug onto his driveway. Cause why sell, trade, or possibly donate something when you can throw a fit for youtube views? What a spoiled cunt.

Marvel Collector Corps served its purpose as a fine finisher for my mystery box purchases this year. I can and will use just about everything in it which is a major complement for this kind of service. Most of all, I'm rather tempted to come back for another helping or two. February is themed around Deadpool, something I'm not a huge fan of but it could be fun, April on the other hand is almost guaranteed to be Captain America: Civil War, squeeeee! Time will tell if I continue to subscribe, or chose to do something responsible with my money. Ha, like that'll ever happen.

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