Saturday, April 18, 2015

Ninninger Episode 7

Homecomings are delightful things. One arrives somewhat altered by their experiences in the outside world only to find a new disdain or rekindled love for their place of origin. In this bloggers case it's been an absolute joy to be back home with my pets, people, and toys. I've been working on a travel blog of my cross country trek though I'm not sure if it's worth sharing in current form or if there should be a short hand version or maybe just keep the whole thing to myself. You folks lemme know how much you're interested in my rants about Nebraska and the smells of Utah in the comments.
Sentai had it's own homecoming this week as two former ninjas popped by for a 40th anniversary team-up episode. You read that right, Super Sentai is officially 40 years. By this point it really should be ranked up there with the big boys of nerdy television yet some people don't even know what it is. That's an issue for another day. For now, let's look in on how our heroes got over the hill.

It's an average day of training and the kids are sparring & what not while Fuuka tries to get up the nerve to thank her brother for rescuing her last week. What's this? The show has actually developed a memory and is carrying on themes and stories from week to the next?. Hot dog there may be hope for us yet! Anyhow, they've got some guest instructors this week as the red rangers from both Kakuranger (yay!)and Hurricanger show up to teach the kids some advanced ninpo like the doppelganger technique.

The lessons have the usual results with everyone other than Takaharu getting a passing grade. The substitute teachers actually string him up, leaving him at the base so he can't join in battling the monster of the week who, get this, is a clock kitty that controls time. Mr. mew mew actually puts up one hell of a fight before opening a time gate to go in search of the end shuriken (another plot point from last week, huzah!) which is when Taka (who managed to free himself) follows the beast into the past.

Here's where we get the twist of our story. Turns out the subs didn't just show up to teach the kids some new tricks, they were also looking out for Takaharu because ten years ago they were in a fight with Mr. mewface when a strange red ninja joined the fray only to be killed in action. Fuuka starts to freak out cause her brother could totally be dead when Yakumo shows why he's possibly the best character in this show. He doesn't buy the idea of Taka being dead cause for as dumb as the kid is, he always manages to pull something out of his ass at the last second. Inspiring speech over, mew-mix comes back to our time only to get his ass kicked from behind. Taka mastered the doppelganger technique mid fight so the guy Kaku & Hurican red saw getting blown to bits was a decoy. Everyone revs up, beats furball into the dirt, the team gets some new finishing discs for the big bot. Everybody happy.

In the end, Fuuka finally thanks her brother even though he has no clue what for. This is great and I hope the show can do more of it. Taka can get a bit annoying with his loud/dumb routine but the idea that he'd never think of being thanked for saving a life is much more in line with a lovable dope and makes him much easier to cheer on. The older rangers look on from a nearby cliff, wondering if the concept of ninjas who don't hide will work out when the first ever red ranger pops by to remind them that were dumb kids back in the day. Apparently the old teams always keep an eye on the young upstarts so maybe we'll be lucky enough to get another big ninja team up in one of the movies or something.

Ok so the show's looking up. Next week appears to be an actual Fuuka focused story. In the meantime I promise something non sentai related for the next entry. Now I must be off to see what's on the menu for tonight. Haven't had pizza in like half a month which is just downright cruel. I'm thinkin' salami and shrooms. Have a good one yall!

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