Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Cheesy, Fudgey, Bowls.

So I've been trying to put together one of those big entries that makes it look like I'm actually attempting to make a legitimate blog. This is not that entry, This is about novelty dinners and cookies.

Kraft Garlic and Herb Alfredo mac and cheese plus Buffalo Cheddar mac and cheese:
In my day to day life, I consume ungodly quantities of mac & cheese. Sure it's bad for me, and lacks any semblance of class, but it's always cheap and available. Still; a man needs variety, and the new Kraft flavors at least mark an occasion for experimentation.
The Garlic and Herb version is nothing earth shattering (though I suppose it's a tad foolish to place cheesy pasta in the cataclysm category) yet it is surprisingly more robust than some legit alfredo I've tried. Definitely worth picking up a couple boxes for one of those nights when you feel the need for something starchy but still want to pretend that you're too mature for spongebob fun shapes.
The Buffalo Cheddar version isn't something I hold in high regard. Going in, I was positive that it would taste atrocious. Actually I was surprised when it turned out to be edible, just not exactly what I'd call inspiring. It starts with a mellow cheese flavor that slowly turns into a generic spicy after-burn. I know I'm leaving you high and dry on the details but there's not much more to say about this stuff than you might want to try it just so you can say you did.

Raspberry Oreo Fudge Cremes: Ever since I first heard of them, I have been dreaming of getting my meaty paws on a package of watermelon Oreo s. Very much like my bucket list of women to sleep with, this remains an incomplete goal. Thankfully the Nabisco cookie gods saw fit to bestow a slim amount of mercy onto their humble servant in the form of raspberry cream. These have been something of an educational item for me as I now know that several members of my family hate raspberries. That may not seem strange to anyone else but I always assumed that raspberries existed in the same category as cheese, bacon, tacos, and ice cream. Simply put I thought everyone liked em. I guess I shouldn't be too surprised since these are the same relations that claim to hate maple syrup.......filthy savages.
Getting back on point, these are some decent cookies. The cream has a very strong flavor that doesn't skimp on the berry. I wish they were presented in the traditional Oreo form however, as the fudge versions don't pair up with my coffee as nicely as the regular cookie. I'd say pick up a package unless you're one of those weird people I learned about that don't like raspberries. Honestly; what's up with that?

The Dunwich Horror: Stupid, simple, but not without merit. Dean Stockwell's porn stache is pretty sweet.

Poltergeist III: Showed this to my nephew so he'd understand why his mother and me hate mirrors. Failed to traumatize him.

Rubber: Crap. Complete and utter crap. A movie about a killer tire has no right to be this douchy.

Tune in next time for a Bob Newhart bowl and rubber duckies on ice. See ya!

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